Melanie Hunter and Susan Mackie at launch of The Bee Whisperer

About the Author

A voracious reader, Susan dreamed of becoming a writer from the age of eight. Career advisors told her it wasn't a real thing and suggested journalism. So she became a journalist, then took a zig-zag path to publish her first book in 2020, via a varied career in publishing, marketing, tourism and small business. Susan even worked in State Government for a few years (but she doesn't talk about that much).

Nervous about the release of Charlie's Will, she told Bloke while sitting on the sofa one night, that she'd be happy if she sold fifty. Charlie's Will quickly reached Number One in its genre on Amazon - motivating Susan to crack on with more stories and take her writing seriously. Finally. Now Susan is a happy Indie Publisher and offers services to other writers (editing, formatting). She is also the publisher of the Love in a Sunburnt Land Anthology series, co-authored with four (quite brilliant) Aussie women.

Susan loves engaging with fellow authors and readers, and she discovered something she thought was kinda funny. A lot of authors tell her they're introverted. It's a writerly thing, apparently. But (and here's the funny bit), Susan isn't. Introverted. Not one bit. Not at all. Speaking and presenting at writers festivals, conferences and libraries is totally her thing.

So it's okay to send Susan a message, ask a question and chat on social media. She thrives on it and will always respond. Send her a photo of one of her books 'in the wild' and she'll share it. Everywhere.

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Author Services

Small Town Publishing author Services

Write. Edit. Proof. Format. Publish. Market. Repeat.
Authors supporting authors. Sometimes you need a hand with the small stuff. Need beta readers that are also authors, to provide constructive feedback? Want an editor that's also an author, without having to sell your first-born to pay for it? Need to format your manuscript for ebook and paperback, but don't have Vellum? We can help. We have a small team of authors with the skills and experience to support your publishing journey.

Why self-publish? Indie publishing provides an author with a lot more control over their product. It's quicker and easier than traditional publishing. Plus, you keep your copyright, earn higher commission and can bring your books to your readers much faster.

So you've written a manuscript you love. What's next? Proofing and editing - it can be hard to do that yourself; perhaps invite a couple of beta readers to give feedback too. An eye catching cover design and cracker of a back blurb is imperative to drive sales - and your interior formatting needs to look professional. You can go 'wide' across a lot of distribution platforms or go 'exclusive' with Amazon. You can upload your files for ebook and paperback (print-on-demand means you can also order author copies at cost for yourself). But indie-publishing means you are also your own sales agent - you need to engage with your readers and market your book - social media, Amazon, newsletters, blogs. You don't need them all, but you need to dedicate time to the ones you choose.  There are fabulous resources available to learn more - many of them free - facebook groups, podcasts and courses.

Questions? Ask us.  Send an email - we'll get back to you quickly.

Proofing, editing

Specialising in romance (small town, rural, contemporary, rom-com, Australian themes), women's fiction and memoirs.

From $12 per 1,000 words :

  • Consistency, style, formatting and design
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Clarity, understanding, sense and fluency
  • Style conventions and language level
  • Content improvement and refinement

Contact us if you have a manuscript you'd like proofed and edited. We will edit the first chapter before you commit.

Formatting for upload/publication

Providing epub, mobi and PDF interior files (from Vellum) for ebooks to all retailers and print books. We take files formatted in MS Word.

$150 - one time formatting.

$250 - unlimited reviews/changes (ie: back matter each time you release a new book). Rates negotiated for multiple books.